Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Americanino Inicio

Americanino Inicio backpack was given to me by my good friend from Colombia. She is the fashion designer manager of the company and gave it to me when I was in Europe. I never really wore it until now, although its such an awesome backpack made out of raw denim in Colombia. 

As a denim lover its so great and so easily friendly to use and match for my fashion sense. If anyone else is also interested into denim wear, Americanino Inicio has a website online - you should check out their stuff! They have from men to women wear and also accessories in all denim wear! Check it out here

Also this is my first Nike Air Max1 I have ever purchased! They are so great, I use to never be a big fan of them until I saw this colour wave. Its so neat and fresh! Best thing about them, they make me look taller too :P

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