Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Culture Kings

Culture Kings - I'm not a super big fan of this place, seeing as everyone in Sydney all tend to dress the same, however they do really have good stuff there!

I got this long shirt many months ago and never really worn it. Did a photoshoot with my friend Raimundo - Thought I would do a swag look - seeing as I love sneakers! 

Nothing goes wrong with simplicity! 

Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

ZX Flux

ZX Flux - Original first pair of ZX Flux that came out several months ago. Nothing can go wrong with these shoes! Adidas surely keeps improving better and better! Not too expensive but definitely worth the purchase. 

Here are some websites that stock them:

Adidas Crooked TonguesCulture KingsThe Iconic Size?END.

If you don't have a pair, you should definitely check them out or get the ZX Flux 2.0! 

Outfit photo coming up soon! :) 

Vision Direct

Some mirrored Sunglasses that I would want to get! Just loving the mirrored lens look! It looks so dope! Check some out here at Vision Direct

For other type of brands check out Vision Direct for some Free Postage too! 

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

C 48

C 48 - Purchased from Urban Outfitters in the Vintage Selection. Got this bad boy in England last few months ago. Went down a mini road trip with Raimundo Sutton the Bearded Gentleman. Took some snap shot in the abandoned roads.

Love those spontaneous road trips - credits to Bearded Gentleman for the awesome photography. 

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Collaboration - Raimundo Sutton

A collaboration with my old childhood friend Raimundo Sutton. The Bearded Gentlemen, coincidently we wore the exact same things, same colours for a photoshoot. 

Went on a mini road trip down south together on a weekday. Fun days and happy days! More photos coming up soon! 

This was a photo taken walking back, somehow it managed to be out of focus - but I somewhat like it like that 

Blooper Shot - trying to run for the self timer haha :P 

Monday, 22 December 2014

Dr. Matens - Nappa

Dr. Martens - Nappa Boots that I never really wear too much of. This has a softer leather compared to other Dr. Martens Original. It gives off that rugged look and of course I love them! Their so comfortable and doesn't require breaking into! :)

Definitely worth the purchase. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Couldn't get enough of this abandoned Petrol Station. It is so cool and grungy I love it! :)

I really enjoy Adidas now days, I feel they have improved much more compared to the past. Or maybe my style has just changed again. Also haven't worn my Trucker Hat in forever! Probably next purchase will be a navy blue one! :)

Have a great day everyone! :) 

Monday, 15 December 2014

Adidas - Stan Smith

Adidas Stan Smith - one of my all favourite time purchased when I was in Europe. So simple, so fresh! My brother use to have a pair when I was younger and I never got the chance until I went to Europe and it was everywhere! 

Just a matter of getting the right size and where in Europe! :P So I got these in Amsterdam from Foot Locker! :)

Incase you don't have a pair! These are a MUST! So comfortable and easy to clean with a bit of Jason Markk

Friday, 12 December 2014


RAINS - Danish raincoat brand. What a great find this was in Europe. So easy to wear, great wind breaker and also such great quality. Lately, Sydney has been sun and shine everyday, then rain at night. Last few days - its been just rain and cold wind! Perfect rain jacket out! 

They have so much more different designs I wanna get in so many different colors :P 

Nothing beats black on black with a Roshe Runner :P Hope you enjoy the look and take care everyone!