Wednesday, 26 November 2014

White Bomber

One of my newest looks I have done recently, I got this awesome H&M bomber jacket when I was in England! This is dope and its so cool! I never seen a white bomber jacket before! :) 

Also my new Nike Kostons Max 2, awesome shoes! One of the most comfortable shoes out! Definitely worth getting! Has weird fitting at first but its super comfortable :) 

Have a nice day! :P

Kingpin Show - Amsterdam

A late post of the Kingpin Show Expo and the Seminar. It was such a great experience the good to see all the suppliers out there from all over the world! It was so interesting and best of all! Free food and drinks - now who doesn't love that with people riding a bicycle cart of food!

Also it was good to hear WGSN free seminar as their such a big influence into today's society for fashion! 

Another great thing is to see the great talents that all the people that are studying in the Jeans School. Excellent work and very inspiring!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Action Cam

Hey all, just wanted to do a little video clip of my Sony Action Cam swimming at Bondi Beach with my friends! Hope you enjoy it as its one of my first few movie clips I have made! :)

Monday, 17 November 2014

Autumn - Black

Autumn means wearing black! I love black and white and always have been a big fan. Usually in photos, I tend to wear something coloured - this time I was just out in the street in Copenhagen and wanted to do a photo shoot last minute just before sunset! 

I will be returning to Sydney soon! Hopefully everyone has been good and take care of yourselves!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Finally I have an outfit shot done here in Europe! :P I have couple more to post up! Just waiting for them to get edited! 

This one was done in Copenhagen :) It is absolutely freezing now here in Europe whilst Sydney is so warm and sunny! 

The people here in Copenhagen is so nice and lovely! Everyone is so helpful and really fashionable too! However the bad thing here is probably the expenses here is like nearly double of Sydney! Sydney is already quiet expensive but this place is beyond crazy! I really like this city, has great shopping and great food too! Will keep you guys posted!  

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Make your Own Scarf - Tie Dye

Took some photos taken at the Kingpin show. This guy here was just tie dying scarf and giving them out! I missed out but it was so cool to see the process on how it works! 

More outfit photos coming up soon!  Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Sunday, 2 November 2014


A look that I never posted up until now!! This has been a look done ages ago and probably my last look before my holiday! I just still haven't done any shots just yet! But I promise I will as I have to stop being so LAZY! 

Currently in Spain, was so good to see my friends family after 4 years! All the kiddies have grown up! Now in Madrid and will keep you posted as to where I will be headed off to TOMORROW! :)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween Weekend!