Thursday, 11 April 2013

Got Back Up Again

Sorry I haven't been updating lately, life has been pretty hectic! However, I have some news: a friend of mine is opening up her new charity company. She requested for "Got Back Up Again" to be used somehow, but I wasn't feeling that creative. She did push me into doing a new lookbook shot though!
So here it is, for your eyes, my new shot! Hopefully it'll motivate me to continue on and do more.

I'm repping my Karmakula shirt and Polo Ralph Lauren vintage bucket hat. It was such a different look to my usual style, hope you guys love the change! Personally I'm looking forward to the debut of "Got Back Up Again", and expect you all to support it!


  1. I would like to have holiday now! I'm jealous! Nice set ;)

  2. You lookbook has brought me here and really cool styles! nice blog too :) but most of all i'm thrilled to discover yet another sydney-based blogger!

  3. I could relate to this, as I'm in the same boat. Not posting due to other commitments. But feels good to be back, and looking forward to seeing the debut of her charity!