Sunday, 27 January 2013

Belated New Years Post

First, let me say Happy New Year! and hope you guys all had wonderful vacations! As it was the Christmas period, I had to take some time to settle in and get into a routine for the new year. Since I finally have time again, I'm posting now! Finally back to Lookbooking,
I decided to dress a little differently for the first outfit of the year.
Again, I've gone to a secret waterway. Look how much effort I put in for you guys
I'm rocking my Ksubi denim jeans that I am irrevocably in love with -
you can't go wrong with the comfort and stretch of these babies (somehow I managed to split my first jeans on New Years Eve) -
combined with a simple white tee from Annex and my vans, capped off with a suave baseball cap.

Hope you guys rocked out on your vacations, or partied hard, and take care of yourself!