Thursday, 8 November 2012


Just wanted to upload another look I've taken over for the last few days. Since it's heading towards the Summer season, I decided it's time for me to start rocking more Spring-Summer inspired looks. Even though it's been rather cold the last few days, it's supposed to warm up soon! So I took the day off and decided with another casual look. This time, I'm repping my American Apparel sweater, which is one of the cooler more casual sweaters, along with my baby blue Nudies and my off-white vans (purchased overseas). It was such a hard find, too, with my feet being small and it being last season's design. Hope everyone's keeping warm in this cold weather, and looking forward to the warmth to come!



  1. love your accessories!

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  3. You are the "Look of the day" on my Fashion Page on Facebook.....