Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Parka Fever

So this week, I am uploading a new look of me and my new mustard parka jacket. It was purchased from online store from Fashop, one of my greatest new finds out! Though it was rather really exspensive I still managed to fork out some dosh for it! Brand is Vivid and because its Mustard, I knew it would be harder to combine. Here is one of my combinations I could think of on the top of my head as I was going to go out with Tyson Haddad (aka my photographer).

I combined it with a vintage Polo Ralph Lauren maroon shirt, buttoned all the way up and wore my black coated Nudie waxed jeans. Finishing it up with my all brown Top Sperry Sider boats.

I thought I did a rather pretty good job with this look. Hope you guys like it! I shall repost more the upcoming days! Have a blast of week everyone!


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