Sunday, 22 July 2012

Topshop Interview Day

So I haven't been on lately to blog as much, as my assistance blogger Margarita has taken holiday leave from my company!. I had  several Topshop Topman interviews during the last few weeks. We were to describe ourselves from what we wore. The second interview requested that we wear our best Topshop Topman outfit. However I have many items of Topman clothing, but I decided to dress differently. I went for a formal look with a mustard collared shirt. Luckily it was quiet cold so I also wore a Topman Snood along with another Topman Cardigan. Seeing as it is suppose to be a Topman outfit! However I didn't wear Topman Jeans as I have never purchased a pair before! Although I did finish it off with Topman boat shoes and a necklace!

I hope everybody enjoys my outfit and as Margarita is back to work, I hope to upload more looks and blog more! Thank You!!


  1. Hi Boy,

    found your blog via lookbook :-)
    Nice blog too follow it now.

    X from Holland

    1. Hey Carmen,

      Thank you very much for following my blog! Very much appreciated!!

  2. hello thnks for visiting my bloG!
    yours is great followed you on GFC
    i love your look

  3. I love the colour combination, the shirt is a gorgeous colour :)

    1. thank you chelsea!!! thats really nice of you! I'm glad you like it :)