Wednesday, 11 July 2012


So I have been emailed several times, as to why I've never done a Lookbook shot without wearing sunnies so many times! Well this is probably my first time I have tried it without wearing shades! It was rather really weird as I'm not really photogenic type of person. However for those fans of mine that wished and requested for a photo or look of me without shades here it is to you all!
It was kinda of a spur of moment taking this look as my friend Tyson Haddad started Lookbooking too! So I took a shot with my mustard Piece by Piece beanie, along with my Topman jumper. Wearing my normal Black Noise White Rain jeans and my all time Favourite Vans. Very simple look, guess it's just very comfortable!! Hope you all liked it and enjoy a great week everybody!!!!


  1. Love the colours yet again. And the jeans, and vans. I guess I just like it all, haha.

    1. thanks mandi!!!!! i hope all is good for you!! i haven't heard from you in ages!!! :P