Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Asos Black

So like I have previously said in the last few days, I will be trying to post more these next few weeks to redeem myself! I was out with my big boy again Tyson Haddad on a Lookbook adventure as he has started to get hooked onto it as well!
The outfit for today was wearing the Asos Black trench coat along with my Asos tweed pants. Wearing a simple plain Topman white tee and a beautiful present bought from Denisse Olazo in Melbourne a Topman red snood! Finishing off with some coloured maroon socks and Asos Suede shoes!

Also to someone that thinks I do not wear any warm clothes, I really think this is really warm and cosy too! Have a good week everybody!


  1. nicely put together outfit. Have those trousers myself, must say they're not too bad considering their price. Also have you already split them lol?


  2. love the way how you had combinated scarf with socks

  3. wow, that snood looks so comfy and warm!!!