Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Asos Black

So like I have previously said in the last few days, I will be trying to post more these next few weeks to redeem myself! I was out with my big boy again Tyson Haddad on a Lookbook adventure as he has started to get hooked onto it as well!
The outfit for today was wearing the Asos Black trench coat along with my Asos tweed pants. Wearing a simple plain Topman white tee and a beautiful present bought from Denisse Olazo in Melbourne a Topman red snood! Finishing off with some coloured maroon socks and Asos Suede shoes!

Also to someone that thinks I do not wear any warm clothes, I really think this is really warm and cosy too! Have a good week everybody!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Topshop Interview Day

So I haven't been on lately to blog as much, as my assistance blogger Margarita has taken holiday leave from my company!. I had  several Topshop Topman interviews during the last few weeks. We were to describe ourselves from what we wore. The second interview requested that we wear our best Topshop Topman outfit. However I have many items of Topman clothing, but I decided to dress differently. I went for a formal look with a mustard collared shirt. Luckily it was quiet cold so I also wore a Topman Snood along with another Topman Cardigan. Seeing as it is suppose to be a Topman outfit! However I didn't wear Topman Jeans as I have never purchased a pair before! Although I did finish it off with Topman boat shoes and a necklace!

I hope everybody enjoys my outfit and as Margarita is back to work, I hope to upload more looks and blog more! Thank You!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


So I have been emailed several times, as to why I've never done a Lookbook shot without wearing sunnies so many times! Well this is probably my first time I have tried it without wearing shades! It was rather really weird as I'm not really photogenic type of person. However for those fans of mine that wished and requested for a photo or look of me without shades here it is to you all!
It was kinda of a spur of moment taking this look as my friend Tyson Haddad started Lookbooking too! So I took a shot with my mustard Piece by Piece beanie, along with my Topman jumper. Wearing my normal Black Noise White Rain jeans and my all time Favourite Vans. Very simple look, guess it's just very comfortable!! Hope you all liked it and enjoy a great week everybody!!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Abandoned Factory

Back into the abandoned factory, we managed to sneak through some gates where kids were skate boarding, took the opportunity of the wide open space where it was excluded from everybody!! Took a shot with my new vintage Lacoste that was bought for $40! Such a good buy! Wearing along with my Nudies Jeans and my Top Sperry boats!

Hope all is having a great week!! Congratulations to the Spain for winning the Euro Cup! ESOOO

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Blue Mountains

The day consisted of me taking my Tafe French friend Anais Roger, and another regular Denisse Olazo to Blue Mountains. As promised I will take the Frenchie to Blue Mountains! It has occurred to me that adulthood experience is so much more different than childhood experiences. We took several photos of the three sisters and climbed and walked so much!!!

I didn't recall having to walk so much! As you could see, I was in such great rainforest/mountain walking gear! But it is alright! We found some exclusive over scenic views and went on some "Do not go" paths and took some amazing scenic view photos! Also found some amazing waterfall which I slipped several times! There are more photos on my Facebook too!

I hope all is enjoying there weekend!! In Australia its starting to get rather really cold, yes in our terms COLD! As for Europeans and other outkast, I hope you all did well on your exams and resting well enjoying your holidays!