Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dunlop Factory

As per usual, late blogging! This was suppose to be the day at Dunlop Factory with Raimundo Sutton & Horton Yip. However due to the previous weeks being caught by cops "trespassing" we were told to leave the premises. After that we wanted to take photos again, however they locked it up now. So we took advantage of the side where it was just all rubbish and graffiti. I thought it was pretty cool with the couch that had abit of a smiley face and eyelashes. So we went ahead with plan and did our lookbook shot anyway.

Repping out my Volcom Jacket which was purchased many years ago from General Pants. Along with a collared Levis denim shirt and undernearth my all time favourite Cheap Monday tee. Finishing up with my Black Noise White Rain jeans and Shubar Andres boots!

I hope all is good and I will be posting more as I am now finally on holidays!


  1. Christian, no way the cops are patrolling it now?? I shot 3 looks there in one day with no problem.. something dodgy must have gone down there for sure!!

    1. I'm afraid to say that its the truth!!! :( There is even two bulldogs guarding the side entrance now. You could still go in if you kick the door open, but the dogs will probably attack you though. But it was a dodgy place to begin with haha
      Do you have any other places thats good to take photos at?

  2. that couch is really funny!
    and yeah, I hope too you will be posting more :D!