Sunday, 1 July 2012

Blue Mountains

The day consisted of me taking my Tafe French friend Anais Roger, and another regular Denisse Olazo to Blue Mountains. As promised I will take the Frenchie to Blue Mountains! It has occurred to me that adulthood experience is so much more different than childhood experiences. We took several photos of the three sisters and climbed and walked so much!!!

I didn't recall having to walk so much! As you could see, I was in such great rainforest/mountain walking gear! But it is alright! We found some exclusive over scenic views and went on some "Do not go" paths and took some amazing scenic view photos! Also found some amazing waterfall which I slipped several times! There are more photos on my Facebook too!

I hope all is enjoying there weekend!! In Australia its starting to get rather really cold, yes in our terms COLD! As for Europeans and other outkast, I hope you all did well on your exams and resting well enjoying your holidays!


  1. You have a very unique style, I love it. I really like your shoes! Great post.

    Sophia xx
    Australian Couture

  2. The first photo is amazing!