Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Alexandra Warehouse

Bit of a late post, however during the weekend, my mate Horton Yip and I went to do some vintage shopping. Purchased myself a new bargain shirt and coat! Super cheap and super good as well! My friend Denisse Olazo from my College also suggested I should take a tour to going to Alexandra Warehouse, place is filled with paint and grafiti all over! It was so cool and amazing! Some people were taking their shots modelling!

As for me, I was just did whatever I was wearing, repping out one of my Architecture shirts I got for The Essnetial Assmbles and my Navy Blue Black Noise White Rain. Finishing it off with my newest leather desert boots Shubar Andres! Got this from Hype! Amazing shoes!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and will have an amazing week!

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  1. wow!! i really like your style!!

    maybe you'd like to find more inspirations from photos on my fancyicon.blogspot.com :)