Saturday, 12 May 2012

Incu Sale

Today, I finally had a day off where I could just relax and take it easy with no assignments, tests or work! Had a wake-up call from Horton Yip to go to an INCU sale today in the heart of the city. It was rather really good and everything so cheap! At first everything I lookde at wasn't excatly what I would wear, however I saw this jacket twice and I decided to look at it, it was aqua and from Topman Special Edition! Really weird we have Topman stuff and Special Edition too?! Bonus! In the end I tried it on, wasn't 100% sure however, from $285 down to $30? Yeah why not!

Seeing as we were in the city, we decided to take a Lookbook shot as it the street was rather really cool and Urban-like. Repping out my latest Urban Outffiter Cardigan along with my Black Noise White Rain long raw tee and custom Topman Chinos. Finishing it off with my favourite all time original Authentic Vans and Club Masters to finish off the look! Hope everyone has a blast this weekend!

P.S. Welcoming Breanne Sewards from Cananda, that is currently with Raimundo Sutton - Check out their Lookbooks!

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