Monday, 30 April 2012


I have not posted and lookbooked for quiet a time being. I am getting so occupied and lack of effort to blog and post. But who is this weeks post for who knows, maybe this week plus next week :P
My business is under its way. Clothes are getting produced, just needing samples soon! As for that, besides the hetic days, here is my new post of my Arvust Cardigan, a bargain buy! Yellow stripped long singlet 12.1.2 from Cheap Monday store in Bondi Beach & my newest Nudies High Kai. Usually purchase Tight Long Johns but thought I should try something different! Nudies are the most amazing jeans and reccommended Jeans I would ever suggest anybody to buy! I hope all is good and I shall repost more soon!

Have an AMAZING week everybody!


  1. Great photos and I totally LOVE your watch!

  2. I like your style!! especially your shoes!