Monday, 30 April 2012


I have not posted and lookbooked for quiet a time being. I am getting so occupied and lack of effort to blog and post. But who is this weeks post for who knows, maybe this week plus next week :P
My business is under its way. Clothes are getting produced, just needing samples soon! As for that, besides the hetic days, here is my new post of my Arvust Cardigan, a bargain buy! Yellow stripped long singlet 12.1.2 from Cheap Monday store in Bondi Beach & my newest Nudies High Kai. Usually purchase Tight Long Johns but thought I should try something different! Nudies are the most amazing jeans and reccommended Jeans I would ever suggest anybody to buy! I hope all is good and I shall repost more soon!

Have an AMAZING week everybody!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Weekend

Busy busy busy! With the Easter Weeekend just gone by, everything has been hectic with college work and lack of free time! Here is one of my older looks, with a simple wide neck H&M shirt and Suspenders. Along with my DR Denims and Topman boat shoes. Finishing it off with bit of a french berrat! I will post more for the coming days as its finally the mid semester break! Happy Easter EVERYBODY!!