Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Extra Bonus

Like I promised, I will make double the effort these next few weeks to redeem myself from being lazy last couple of weeks. This is more of a casual Autumn look seeing as its not crazily hot but really chilled winds. With my Levi's Denim shirt accessoried with Aztec Pin Collars, I thought it gives it bit more of a different look. Also wearng my most favourite colour mustard chinno pants purchased from Topman many years ago. Finishing it off with my ZU desserts boots and Rayban eyewear!

Have a great St Patrick Weekend everybody!!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Stepping Stone

As promised, due to lack of effort from the previous week, I decieded to double the dosage of blogging n lookbooking this week! Week has changed since its now Autumn, cold mornings and warm/hot afternoons. Just yesterday was pouring and flood in Sydney and today wonderful hot beautiful sunny day!
As for the business, I have finally achieved my first few samples of my designs towards my company. Sooner or later, female and male clothes will be avaiable. However it's all still a mystery!
For my lookbook shot for the commencing of this week is a simple casual look with my Topman white collared Oxford Shirt. Accessoried with my Cowbow Tie. With my Khaki chinno pants also purchased from Topman. Finishing off with my new Hi-Top Converse shoes and my Sun Glasses Colabs!

Hope you all have a magnificent weekend!!

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Super late updates, I was trying to update at least once a week however, it was rather really difficult to balance school and work at the same time! I have taken the photos however no time to upload and write up the blog!

This week is the week for Mardi Gra! Though I have to work but it would of been AWESOME to attend! This whole week's weather has been awful! Raining everyday, some days humid and whats worst is when it gets really cold and windy the next! So this is more of the New Autumn Look. I decided to rep out my carrot skinny fitted Bershka jeans that was customsly fitted. Along with my new sueded pocket tee. Adding with my maroon beanie and Rayban sunnies. Finishing it off with my favourite boat shoes! Hope you enjoy my look as I will try to upload as much and make it up with the next following weeks!

Happy marching Mardi Gra everybody!!