Sunday, 19 February 2012

Back to School

This weeks look took longer than usual to upload and do due to going back to school and work. So I have started to go back to study tourism retailing and because of this not enough time to do my lookbook and my business. However good news is the first offical design of has finally been produced. It will be posted and uploaded as soon as possible!

The next look I decided to do a back to school look considering I am studying again. Repping out the sorta smart casuall look with bit of ruggedness. Wearing my a soft collared shirt from Topman and a Ben Sherman maroon tie. With my Topman Sueded bag. Along with my custom H&M chinno pants and my new Black Converse hi tops. Never have I purchased myself a hi-top Converse and I thought maybe I should give it a shot and try something different!

Hope everyone enjoys this look and Happy Belated Valentines Day!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Possiblity of Last Summer

Today was supposely the last sunny day we have left in Australia. It is said that it will be raining everyday of this month! However it was a really nice sunny day and here is the shots I did for today. I did a skater look wearing my Topman singlet with a deer on it which gave it a really Summer Spirng look. Along with my ripped Wranglers that has been worn out brutally with holes. Additional with my limited edition Red Vans and my JD/DC Lego Watch that was purchased in Barcelona. Then a finishing touch with my Rayban sunnies. It was just a very casual look and something very different compared to my other looks, but it was a fun day skating around and I guess I haven't done much Summer looks as it could be Australia's last sunny day till the end of the year!!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Denim On Denim

It has been raining heavily these last few days in the world of Australia. Really bad weather considering it is suppose to be Summer, beach and parties. This year it has been a dud Summer so far. So I took advantage of today's weather and did a jacket look. Cloudy as it may seem outside, at the same time it was also hot. So as for my next look, I did a denim on denim look. I have never tried it and always wanted to give it a go, it was worth a gamble and it seemed like perfect outfit for the day! For starters, I am repping out another new collection of shirt, my Cheap Monday original tee shirt. Got the size large because I like larger, baggier shirts. As for the denim jacket I wore a Ksubi denim jacket and adding it with my Nudie Jeans. Nudies are always been my favourite jeans and these pair are definitely my favourite by far because of the colour! Adding some modern look I wore a grey beanie and my Zara straw shoes that was purchased in Europe. It was the best buy at such cheap price too! Bargain! I hope you guys enjoyed my post for the week!
Thank you!