Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Start of A New Year

Happy New Years! Had an amazing New Years Eves at work with my Greek family. They are like my second family - everyone is so wonderful! Funnily enough, at the time of the fireworks I was making coffee for a customer and everyone left me there alone! It sucked but it was still amazing night! I hope all of you had a much more adventurous New Years Eve!! As for 2012, fresh new year, fresh new start. I’ve finally obtained a Business Name for the company I am trying to start up. I'm now officially a business man!! The name will stay as a secret. Continuing on the road to recognition, for this year’s first look I have decided to retake photos at the same factory. In this look I have decided to wear a vintage suede varsity jacket. A combination with some of my new modern Mere shoes and my Topman shirt and pants to add the Modern Vintage look.

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  1. Amazing photos, like the shoes and jacket! Great style. Following!