Sunday, 29 January 2012

Australia Day

Couple of days ago on the 25th was Australia Day. In Australia it is a public holiday for everyone to celebrate for being Australian. Usually everyone goes out to the beach and drink and party, however this year it was really bad weather. Spent quality time with my family as they didn't have to work after, some quality time with Raimundo Sutton and Horton Yip and got a Lookbook shot!
Decided to rep out a vintage FCUK brown suit jacket. Also adding my Nudie Jeans and Black Noise White Rain singlet to give it more of a modern look. Also again with my new favourite going modern Mere shoes that I never wear in case it gets ruined! Also a part of my new collection my Ksubi Glasses to add a finishing touch to it to make it a perfect look!
Happy Australia Day!!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Another Casual Day

What an adventurous day! It was such a beautiful day and my best friend Raimundo Sutton had the day off. Went to do a quick lookbook shot just casually out in abandoned area. Repped out some vintage baby blue collared shirt, with my favourite jeans Black Noise White Rain also Black Noise White Rain raw cut singlet. Jeans are so light as if their tight leggings yet so stretchy. A finishing touch with my Top Sperry boats to add bit of european style. Lastly added a maroon beanie to give it some colour to it and warmth to what I was wearing. Simple and easy!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Start of A New Year

Happy New Years! Had an amazing New Years Eves at work with my Greek family. They are like my second family - everyone is so wonderful! Funnily enough, at the time of the fireworks I was making coffee for a customer and everyone left me there alone! It sucked but it was still amazing night! I hope all of you had a much more adventurous New Years Eve!! As for 2012, fresh new year, fresh new start. I’ve finally obtained a Business Name for the company I am trying to start up. I'm now officially a business man!! The name will stay as a secret. Continuing on the road to recognition, for this year’s first look I have decided to retake photos at the same factory. In this look I have decided to wear a vintage suede varsity jacket. A combination with some of my new modern Mere shoes and my Topman shirt and pants to add the Modern Vintage look.