Friday, 14 December 2012

Concluding Year

This year is finally coming to an end... potentially, this could be my last post for the year. Hopefully not!! Found this awesome tunnel underground, super cool area with graffiti throughout. I'm gambling with this look, wearing my rust topman denim jacket, over my Santa Cruz tank top, and finishing off the look with black coated Nudies and my vintage shoes. It's quite difficult to wear rustic denim, but I think I pulled it off! Hope everyone enjoys it, and has a great holiday!

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Just wanted to upload another look I've taken over for the last few days. Since it's heading towards the Summer season, I decided it's time for me to start rocking more Spring-Summer inspired looks. Even though it's been rather cold the last few days, it's supposed to warm up soon! So I took the day off and decided with another casual look. This time, I'm repping my American Apparel sweater, which is one of the cooler more casual sweaters, along with my baby blue Nudies and my off-white vans (purchased overseas). It was such a hard find, too, with my feet being small and it being last season's design. Hope everyone's keeping warm in this cold weather, and looking forward to the warmth to come!

Monday, 5 November 2012


So this Spring, the weather here in Sydney's been really random. Lately, it's been quite hot during the week, and then on the weekend it'd be really cold. I thought it was great weather to take some photos, though. Decided to do a whole day of Lookbooking and wore my new Topman Flora shirt and my Black Noise White Rain Jeans, then threw on my Collectives Assemble Vintage shoes which were purchased several months ago. I'm trying to post as much as I can in the coming weeks, going to be crazy busy! But I only have 3 weeks left of College and then I am finished!! Hope everyone is going well and best of luck to everyone!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Relaxing Moments

So this Spring, the weather here in Sydney's been really random. Lately, it's been quite hot during the week, and then on the weekend it'd be really cold. I thought it was great weather to take some photos, though. Decided to do a whole day of Lookbooking and wore my new Topman Flora shirt and my Black Noise White Rain Jeans, then threw on my Collectives Assemble Vintage shoes which were purchased several months ago. I'm trying to post as much as I can in the coming weeks, going to be crazy busy! But I only have 3 weeks left of College and then I am finished!! Hope everyone is going well and best of luck to everyone!

Saturday, 8 September 2012


So I havent been blogging as much lately! Which is rather really dissapointing! Just been so busy !! Lately I have been working extra as I have gotten a new job for Zara and my project for college is building up!! Crazy!!!

As for this look, I have been dying to go for skates, and finally had the time to just do a casual skate with my boy Tyson Haddad. Quiet perfect day as Spring is coming up!! Simple casual everyday wear, with my Black Ksubi Van Winkle, Navy Vans, Arvust Tee & Cappellini Cardigan.

Have some great amazing shots, much better than previous times! Was quiet adventours and some funny shots! I must say, there was some greatful stacks too! Hope all is good and I will try my best to do more blogging!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Parka Fever

So this week, I am uploading a new look of me and my new mustard parka jacket. It was purchased from online store from Fashop, one of my greatest new finds out! Though it was rather really exspensive I still managed to fork out some dosh for it! Brand is Vivid and because its Mustard, I knew it would be harder to combine. Here is one of my combinations I could think of on the top of my head as I was going to go out with Tyson Haddad (aka my photographer).

I combined it with a vintage Polo Ralph Lauren maroon shirt, buttoned all the way up and wore my black coated Nudie waxed jeans. Finishing it up with my all brown Top Sperry Sider boats.

I thought I did a rather pretty good job with this look. Hope you guys like it! I shall repost more the upcoming days! Have a blast of week everyone!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Asos Black

So like I have previously said in the last few days, I will be trying to post more these next few weeks to redeem myself! I was out with my big boy again Tyson Haddad on a Lookbook adventure as he has started to get hooked onto it as well!
The outfit for today was wearing the Asos Black trench coat along with my Asos tweed pants. Wearing a simple plain Topman white tee and a beautiful present bought from Denisse Olazo in Melbourne a Topman red snood! Finishing off with some coloured maroon socks and Asos Suede shoes!

Also to someone that thinks I do not wear any warm clothes, I really think this is really warm and cosy too! Have a good week everybody!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Topshop Interview Day

So I haven't been on lately to blog as much, as my assistance blogger Margarita has taken holiday leave from my company!. I had  several Topshop Topman interviews during the last few weeks. We were to describe ourselves from what we wore. The second interview requested that we wear our best Topshop Topman outfit. However I have many items of Topman clothing, but I decided to dress differently. I went for a formal look with a mustard collared shirt. Luckily it was quiet cold so I also wore a Topman Snood along with another Topman Cardigan. Seeing as it is suppose to be a Topman outfit! However I didn't wear Topman Jeans as I have never purchased a pair before! Although I did finish it off with Topman boat shoes and a necklace!

I hope everybody enjoys my outfit and as Margarita is back to work, I hope to upload more looks and blog more! Thank You!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


So I have been emailed several times, as to why I've never done a Lookbook shot without wearing sunnies so many times! Well this is probably my first time I have tried it without wearing shades! It was rather really weird as I'm not really photogenic type of person. However for those fans of mine that wished and requested for a photo or look of me without shades here it is to you all!
It was kinda of a spur of moment taking this look as my friend Tyson Haddad started Lookbooking too! So I took a shot with my mustard Piece by Piece beanie, along with my Topman jumper. Wearing my normal Black Noise White Rain jeans and my all time Favourite Vans. Very simple look, guess it's just very comfortable!! Hope you all liked it and enjoy a great week everybody!!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Abandoned Factory

Back into the abandoned factory, we managed to sneak through some gates where kids were skate boarding, took the opportunity of the wide open space where it was excluded from everybody!! Took a shot with my new vintage Lacoste that was bought for $40! Such a good buy! Wearing along with my Nudies Jeans and my Top Sperry boats!

Hope all is having a great week!! Congratulations to the Spain for winning the Euro Cup! ESOOO

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Blue Mountains

The day consisted of me taking my Tafe French friend Anais Roger, and another regular Denisse Olazo to Blue Mountains. As promised I will take the Frenchie to Blue Mountains! It has occurred to me that adulthood experience is so much more different than childhood experiences. We took several photos of the three sisters and climbed and walked so much!!!

I didn't recall having to walk so much! As you could see, I was in such great rainforest/mountain walking gear! But it is alright! We found some exclusive over scenic views and went on some "Do not go" paths and took some amazing scenic view photos! Also found some amazing waterfall which I slipped several times! There are more photos on my Facebook too!

I hope all is enjoying there weekend!! In Australia its starting to get rather really cold, yes in our terms COLD! As for Europeans and other outkast, I hope you all did well on your exams and resting well enjoying your holidays!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Today Raimundo Sutton, Horton Yip and I were planning to do our shoot just at our old casual lookout. However as we parked these kids yelled out to us. It was right next to it and usually its barcaded and they told us the way in!

We went in and it was really cool desserted land where its suppose to be a new developement. We took our new shots anyway there to take advantage of the places. Fully made skate board equpiments and so I took one of me wearing Asos jumper I received last year for my birthday. Along with my customized Dr.Denims and my all time favourite Vans Authentic. Carrying my camera and other clothes in my bag is Topman.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dunlop Factory

As per usual, late blogging! This was suppose to be the day at Dunlop Factory with Raimundo Sutton & Horton Yip. However due to the previous weeks being caught by cops "trespassing" we were told to leave the premises. After that we wanted to take photos again, however they locked it up now. So we took advantage of the side where it was just all rubbish and graffiti. I thought it was pretty cool with the couch that had abit of a smiley face and eyelashes. So we went ahead with plan and did our lookbook shot anyway.

Repping out my Volcom Jacket which was purchased many years ago from General Pants. Along with a collared Levis denim shirt and undernearth my all time favourite Cheap Monday tee. Finishing up with my Black Noise White Rain jeans and Shubar Andres boots!

I hope all is good and I will be posting more as I am now finally on holidays!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Alexandra Warehouse

Bit of a late post, however during the weekend, my mate Horton Yip and I went to do some vintage shopping. Purchased myself a new bargain shirt and coat! Super cheap and super good as well! My friend Denisse Olazo from my College also suggested I should take a tour to going to Alexandra Warehouse, place is filled with paint and grafiti all over! It was so cool and amazing! Some people were taking their shots modelling!

As for me, I was just did whatever I was wearing, repping out one of my Architecture shirts I got for The Essnetial Assmbles and my Navy Blue Black Noise White Rain. Finishing it off with my newest leather desert boots Shubar Andres! Got this from Hype! Amazing shoes!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and will have an amazing week!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Incu Sale

Today, I finally had a day off where I could just relax and take it easy with no assignments, tests or work! Had a wake-up call from Horton Yip to go to an INCU sale today in the heart of the city. It was rather really good and everything so cheap! At first everything I lookde at wasn't excatly what I would wear, however I saw this jacket twice and I decided to look at it, it was aqua and from Topman Special Edition! Really weird we have Topman stuff and Special Edition too?! Bonus! In the end I tried it on, wasn't 100% sure however, from $285 down to $30? Yeah why not!

Seeing as we were in the city, we decided to take a Lookbook shot as it the street was rather really cool and Urban-like. Repping out my latest Urban Outffiter Cardigan along with my Black Noise White Rain long raw tee and custom Topman Chinos. Finishing it off with my favourite all time original Authentic Vans and Club Masters to finish off the look! Hope everyone has a blast this weekend!

P.S. Welcoming Breanne Sewards from Cananda, that is currently with Raimundo Sutton - Check out their Lookbooks!

Monday, 30 April 2012


I have not posted and lookbooked for quiet a time being. I am getting so occupied and lack of effort to blog and post. But who is this weeks post for who knows, maybe this week plus next week :P
My business is under its way. Clothes are getting produced, just needing samples soon! As for that, besides the hetic days, here is my new post of my Arvust Cardigan, a bargain buy! Yellow stripped long singlet 12.1.2 from Cheap Monday store in Bondi Beach & my newest Nudies High Kai. Usually purchase Tight Long Johns but thought I should try something different! Nudies are the most amazing jeans and reccommended Jeans I would ever suggest anybody to buy! I hope all is good and I shall repost more soon!

Have an AMAZING week everybody!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Weekend

Busy busy busy! With the Easter Weeekend just gone by, everything has been hectic with college work and lack of free time! Here is one of my older looks, with a simple wide neck H&M shirt and Suspenders. Along with my DR Denims and Topman boat shoes. Finishing it off with bit of a french berrat! I will post more for the coming days as its finally the mid semester break! Happy Easter EVERYBODY!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Extra Bonus

Like I promised, I will make double the effort these next few weeks to redeem myself from being lazy last couple of weeks. This is more of a casual Autumn look seeing as its not crazily hot but really chilled winds. With my Levi's Denim shirt accessoried with Aztec Pin Collars, I thought it gives it bit more of a different look. Also wearng my most favourite colour mustard chinno pants purchased from Topman many years ago. Finishing it off with my ZU desserts boots and Rayban eyewear!

Have a great St Patrick Weekend everybody!!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Stepping Stone

As promised, due to lack of effort from the previous week, I decieded to double the dosage of blogging n lookbooking this week! Week has changed since its now Autumn, cold mornings and warm/hot afternoons. Just yesterday was pouring and flood in Sydney and today wonderful hot beautiful sunny day!
As for the business, I have finally achieved my first few samples of my designs towards my company. Sooner or later, female and male clothes will be avaiable. However it's all still a mystery!
For my lookbook shot for the commencing of this week is a simple casual look with my Topman white collared Oxford Shirt. Accessoried with my Cowbow Tie. With my Khaki chinno pants also purchased from Topman. Finishing off with my new Hi-Top Converse shoes and my Sun Glasses Colabs!

Hope you all have a magnificent weekend!!

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Super late updates, I was trying to update at least once a week however, it was rather really difficult to balance school and work at the same time! I have taken the photos however no time to upload and write up the blog!

This week is the week for Mardi Gra! Though I have to work but it would of been AWESOME to attend! This whole week's weather has been awful! Raining everyday, some days humid and whats worst is when it gets really cold and windy the next! So this is more of the New Autumn Look. I decided to rep out my carrot skinny fitted Bershka jeans that was customsly fitted. Along with my new sueded pocket tee. Adding with my maroon beanie and Rayban sunnies. Finishing it off with my favourite boat shoes! Hope you enjoy my look as I will try to upload as much and make it up with the next following weeks!

Happy marching Mardi Gra everybody!!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Back to School

This weeks look took longer than usual to upload and do due to going back to school and work. So I have started to go back to study tourism retailing and because of this not enough time to do my lookbook and my business. However good news is the first offical design of has finally been produced. It will be posted and uploaded as soon as possible!

The next look I decided to do a back to school look considering I am studying again. Repping out the sorta smart casuall look with bit of ruggedness. Wearing my a soft collared shirt from Topman and a Ben Sherman maroon tie. With my Topman Sueded bag. Along with my custom H&M chinno pants and my new Black Converse hi tops. Never have I purchased myself a hi-top Converse and I thought maybe I should give it a shot and try something different!

Hope everyone enjoys this look and Happy Belated Valentines Day!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Possiblity of Last Summer

Today was supposely the last sunny day we have left in Australia. It is said that it will be raining everyday of this month! However it was a really nice sunny day and here is the shots I did for today. I did a skater look wearing my Topman singlet with a deer on it which gave it a really Summer Spirng look. Along with my ripped Wranglers that has been worn out brutally with holes. Additional with my limited edition Red Vans and my JD/DC Lego Watch that was purchased in Barcelona. Then a finishing touch with my Rayban sunnies. It was just a very casual look and something very different compared to my other looks, but it was a fun day skating around and I guess I haven't done much Summer looks as it could be Australia's last sunny day till the end of the year!!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Denim On Denim

It has been raining heavily these last few days in the world of Australia. Really bad weather considering it is suppose to be Summer, beach and parties. This year it has been a dud Summer so far. So I took advantage of today's weather and did a jacket look. Cloudy as it may seem outside, at the same time it was also hot. So as for my next look, I did a denim on denim look. I have never tried it and always wanted to give it a go, it was worth a gamble and it seemed like perfect outfit for the day! For starters, I am repping out another new collection of shirt, my Cheap Monday original tee shirt. Got the size large because I like larger, baggier shirts. As for the denim jacket I wore a Ksubi denim jacket and adding it with my Nudie Jeans. Nudies are always been my favourite jeans and these pair are definitely my favourite by far because of the colour! Adding some modern look I wore a grey beanie and my Zara straw shoes that was purchased in Europe. It was the best buy at such cheap price too! Bargain! I hope you guys enjoyed my post for the week!
Thank you!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Australia Day

Couple of days ago on the 25th was Australia Day. In Australia it is a public holiday for everyone to celebrate for being Australian. Usually everyone goes out to the beach and drink and party, however this year it was really bad weather. Spent quality time with my family as they didn't have to work after, some quality time with Raimundo Sutton and Horton Yip and got a Lookbook shot!
Decided to rep out a vintage FCUK brown suit jacket. Also adding my Nudie Jeans and Black Noise White Rain singlet to give it more of a modern look. Also again with my new favourite going modern Mere shoes that I never wear in case it gets ruined! Also a part of my new collection my Ksubi Glasses to add a finishing touch to it to make it a perfect look!
Happy Australia Day!!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Another Casual Day

What an adventurous day! It was such a beautiful day and my best friend Raimundo Sutton had the day off. Went to do a quick lookbook shot just casually out in abandoned area. Repped out some vintage baby blue collared shirt, with my favourite jeans Black Noise White Rain also Black Noise White Rain raw cut singlet. Jeans are so light as if their tight leggings yet so stretchy. A finishing touch with my Top Sperry boats to add bit of european style. Lastly added a maroon beanie to give it some colour to it and warmth to what I was wearing. Simple and easy!