Thursday, 29 December 2011


Finally I have taken the initiative to do another Lookbook shot. Went on a Journey with my friend Raimundo Sutton to seek an abandoned area. Today’s shot was to rep out my Denim Varsity Gilet that was bought from an Op shop and my Grey Denim boots. In an attempt to bring back a modern vintage look I finished the outfit with my newest Levis tee!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My first blog

Inspired by the wise words of my beautiful friend Margarita, I have decided to start blogging!
This is going to be a journey from being a no-body to being a somebody. The journey begins now, but firstly I need RECOGNITION! It is said "a simple mind is a clear mind" so I have decided I need a start!
I wanted to express my own fashion to the world of fashion... Lookbook (fashion blog) was the only thing that came to mind. With the fashion trend so unpredictable and opinionated, for my first look, I decided to try the vintage old classic look of overalls. Stumbling upon these overalls in a retro collectors store was unbelievable! What a find! I thought to myself. Purely amazing and such old school! Here are some photos I took as the first step